A registered student who intends to withdraw from the School, must apply and be given written permission by the Dean of the Faculty where he/ she belongs. A registered student will be allowed only a maximum of two withdrawals in an academic programme and each withdrawal shall be a maximum of one academic year.

Where granted, such permission shall be valid for a period of only one academic year except on grounds of medical incapacitation. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT EXTEND OR RENEW THIS PERMISSION. SHOULD YOU FAIL TO RESUME STUDIES AS GRANTED, YOU SHALL BE REQUIRED TO APPLY FOR FRESH ADMISSION AND MAKE A FRESH START.

Only fully registered students may request and be granted permission to withdraw from studies.  Those seeking to withdraw on medical grounds must have their requests endorsed by the KyU Director of Health Services.

Timing of Withdrawal

Any registered student who intends to withdraw from the University may only do so within the first ONE MONTH FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR