Acceptance of Admission

Any student in the First Year of studies, who, for some reason is unable to register or take up his/her place in the University by the end of the registration period, is advised to re-apply for admission the following academic year by following the same application procedures. Please note that you need to re-apply for admission and compete afresh with the applicants for the following academic year.

All admitted fresh students shall show acceptance of the offer of admission by signing in the space provided and returning to the Admissions Office, a copy of the admission letter. Any student who will not have registered according to the registration timetable shall be deemed to have declined the offer of a place at Kyambogo University. 

Purpose of Registration

As stated in the admission letter, admission into Kyambogo University is provisional and is subject to satisfactory verification by the Office of the Academic Registrar, of the authenticity of qualifications presented while seeking admission. This exercise is compulsory for all students irrespective of sponsorship status and must be done every semester (including when one who withdrew returns to resume studies).

Types of Registration

 There are five types of registration in the University which all students should undertake namely:

Central Verification /Registration

This is the first registration exercise, administered by the Department of the Academic Registrar, for all the students before they are registered in their respective Faculties, Departments and Halls of Residence.

Central registration has two major activities i.e verification which leads into the registration exercise. It is an annual event which takes place during the first semester of every Academic Year and entails among others, verification of all fresh admitted students’ academic documents. Upon successful verification, a student is required to do self-registration at their individual student portals. Registration shall be granted if a student has fulfilled their financial obligations due to the University.

For Continuing Students, this exercise aims at documenting the number of continuing students in the University every academic year. A detailed time table for the Central Registration exercise shall be posted on the Notice Boards and the KyU website. Central Registration shall occur upon payment of all prescribed fees.

Faculty/School/Institute Registration

After the Central Registration, students are required to register with their respective Faculties, Schools or Institutes to which they have been admitted.  The procedure will entail the presentation of the registration card and signing of the Faculty/School/Institute Register.

Departmental and Library Registration

All students shall, in addition, be required to register their presence with their respective Academic Departments and the Library. The procedure will entail reporting to the Heads of Department and the University Librarian with their Registration Cards and signing the registers accordingly.

Registration at Halls of Residence 

All students are furthermore required to register with the Wardens in their Halls of Residence or Attachment. The procedure will entail submission of the registration form verified in (i) above, signing the Hall Register and filling non-residence form for non-residence allowance for government-sponsored non-resident students.

 Medical Examination

All students are furthermore required to undergo a medical examination at the University Medical Centre. Please note that medical check-ups are not aimed at discriminating against any student. All students’ medical histories shall be kept confidential by the medical personnel.

Verification Time Table

All students should adhere to Registration Timetables released during each semester for the smooth running of all University activities.  Those who fail to do so due to reasons beyond their control may be accorded another chance, but upon payment of a surcharge for late registration at the rate determined by the University Council and contained in the Fees Structure.


The names to use when registering are those which appear on your Admission Letter of offer and those must be the same names which appear on your ‘O’- Level, A-Level Result slips/Certificates and on Diploma, Degree and Certificate transcripts. ALL NAMES MUST BE WRITTEN IN FULL INCLUDING ABBREVIATED ONES. INITIALS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Some students on admission have requested to change their names from those used at A-Level and ‘O’-Level. Such students give many reasons for wishing to change their names. Students are informed that the University does not give permission to change names from those appearing on their ‘O’-Level and A-Level Certificates, and on Diploma, Degree and Certificates.

Requirements for Verification

As indicated in your admission letter, every fresh student shall at the time of Central Registration present the following:

The original UNEB `O’ and `A’ level results slips and certificates. Leaving Testimonials from secondary schools shall not be accepted. Those admitted through the Certificate/Diploma holder scheme shall in addition to the original O’ level and A’ level certificates and results slips have to present ORIGINAL Certificates and Academic transcripts from their awarding institutions. For DEPE/DSNEE students, the original Grade III Teachers’ Certificate and Result slip and original O’ level Certificate and a Result slip prior to training as a Grade III teacher is required.

  • Identity cards from the previous “O” and “A” level schools and/or identity cards from previous institutions for Certificate/Diploma scheme entrants must be presented.

Foreign students should additionally present their passports with valid student passes, and if refugees, the original United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Refugee Pass.

  • Birth Certificate OR national identity Card.
  • Bank payment slip for National Council of Higher Education fees.
  • Two photocopies of each of the documents listed in (i) to (iv) above.
  • Six (06) passport size photographs showing your current likeness to be attached to Medical Card, Registration Forms, Hall file and Library Card.
  • Original bank payment slips, photocopies of which should be attached to each of the Registration Forms. Only fully paid up admitted persons shall be registered.
  • Persons who do not provide the documents listed above shall not be verified and consequently registered. They, therefore, shall be deemed not to be students of Kyambogo University.

Note that the verification and registration exercise shall run concurrently with lectures.  Government sponsored students (both freshers & continuing) should endeavour to register within the first two (02) weeks of each semester.


Presentation of documents without minimum admission requirements will lead to automatic cancellation of admission or revocation of the award. Candidates who obtained an overall grade of 7, 9, Y or Z at ‘O’ Level do not qualify for Certificate, Diploma or Degree admissions and whenever discovered either at registration or afterwards, will lead to automatic cancellation of admission, dismissal from the School and revocation of the award.