Each Faculty, School or Institute Board determines the quantity and composition of the Programme Load requirements for the award of the degrees, diplomas and certificates under its jurisdiction.  The composition includes both Core and Elective Courses.


The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for the various classes shall be as indicated below:-

For Degree Programmes:

Class                                                           CGPA

          First Class (Honours)                                             4.40 – 5.00

          Second Class Honours- Upper Division            3.60 – 4.39

          Second Class Honours- Lower Division             2.80 – 3.59

          Third Class – Pass                                                   2.00 – 2.79

For Diplomas

          Class I (Distinction)                                               4.40 – 5.00

          Class II (Credit)                                                      2.80 – 4.39

          Class III (Pass)                                                        2.00 – 2.79

For Certificates

         Distinction                                                                 4.40 – 5.00

         Credit                                                                          2.80 – 4.39

         Pass                                                                             2.00 – 2.79

Computation of Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

The Cumulative Grade Point Average at a given time shall be obtained by:

  • Multiplying the grade point obtained in each Course by the credit Units assigned to the Course to arrive at the Weighted Score for the Course.
  • Adding together the Weighted Scores for all the courses taken up to the time.
  • Dividing the Total Weighted Score by the total number of Credit Units taken up to that time.


A student shall be discontinued by the University Council if:-

  • He/she accumulates three consecutive probations based on the CGPA or the same Core Course(s).
  • He/she fails all courses in the same Semester.
  • He/she is found to have committed an examination malpractice.
  • He/she is found to be indisciplined.


At the end of one’s programme of study, each student shall be required to obtain clearance from his/her respective Faculty, School, Institute, Department(s), the Hall of Residence/ Attachment, University Bursar and the University Librarian.  Clearance Forms may be obtained from the offices of the Faculty/School/Institute Dean. Once completed, every student shall take the responsibility of taking a copy of the Form to the Students’ Registry (Records Office) located at the Faculty of Science Building for filing on his/her personal file for future reference. It is important that this final requirement is handled well for the good of each one of you.


 It is a fundamental right for students to demonstrate due for justifiable causes. Students are advised to engage in peaceful demonstrations and engagement of the University managed for amicable solutions. For any damages caused to the University property and to staff property as a result of students’ strikes and demonstrations, the cost of repair shall be met by the students.