University Rules and Regulations

The University has sets of Rules and Regulations which all students must abide by.  These regulations cover a wide spectrum of issues including academic matters, handling of University property, respect to those in authority and to fellow students, as well as the general conduct of students both within and outside the University. Students should read, understand, internalize and abide by the University Rules and Regulations at all times. Copies are available at the Office of the Dean of Students and the University website.

University Property

Every student must exercise the highest standard of caution in handling University property so as to avoid possible damage. No property, for example, lecture furniture, should be taken from its place without authority. Any student who damages or loses University property shall pay the cost or part of the cost of repair or replacement of the property as the circumstances of the case may be.

Dress Code    

There is no defined dress code at the University.  However, students are expected to exhibit decency in the way they dress for preserving the good name of the University.

Cell Phones

Students are not permitted to make or receive telephone calls during lectures and examinations. Please note that cell phones, iPods and such related communication devices are prohibited in examination rooms. It is an offence to carry them into examination rooms.

Fire Arms

Students are not allowed to carry and use firearms within the environs of the University.


  • All fresh students shall be issued with a University Identity Card upon completion of registration. Before this time, it is important that each student carries his/her previous school/institution identity card alongside their admission letter which may be required at any time by the University Officials. The identity card will be required at the time of registration.
  • Schedules for the issuance of identity cards shall be communicated to students upon completion of the registration exercise.
  • The cost of replacing lost identity, registration or examination cards as well as certification of lost admission letters are detailed in the Fees Structure. Processing of such replacements shall in all cases be effected only after the KyU Security Office and Police authorities have been notified and internal verification made by the Admissions office.
  • It is a requirement that every registered student obtains a UNIVERSITY IDENTITY CARD which is a mandatory identification tag for sitting all University examinations.

Photocopies of University Documents

 Students are advised to always make photocopies of the University documents issued to them namely, the Admission Letter, Registration Cards, bank deposit slips, receipts,  Identity Cards e.t.c. immediately they are received and store them in different locations for any eventualities should the originals of the same get lost.

Absence from the University

  1. Permission to be away from the University for more than two weeks shall be obtained from the Academic Registrar through the Dean of the Faculty/School/ Institute.
  2. Permission to be away from the University for a week shall be obtained from the Dean of Faculty/ School/ Institute through the Dean of Students and the Warden for resident students.
  • Permission to be away from the University for one day shall be obtained from the Warden.

Unethical Conduct

Students should also be aware of the fact that cases of impersonation, falsification of documents or giving false/incomplete information or other sufficient reasons whenever discovered whether at registration or afterwards, will lead to automatic cancellation of admission.

Coursework and Examinations

  1. Only fully paid up and duly registered students shall be allowed to sit University end of semester written/oral examinations.
  2. All University examinations shall be governed by the Kyambogo University regulations on the conduct of examinations.
  3. All students shall present proper identification documents issued by the University for Purposes of sitting tests and examinations. These shall include but are not limited to a Registration Card, Identity Card, Certificate of Due Performance and a Re-take Authorization Letter.
  4. In addition to the documents in (iii) above, students shall be required to present their original bank deposit slips and fees payment receipts for audit during examination sessions.
  5. All coursework assignments and tests shall be administered before the final written examinations. Marks for coursework assignments and tests done after the written examinations shall be null and void.

Certificate of Due Performance

Any student whose attendance at prescribed lectures, classes, practical classes, seminars, tutorials has been unsatisfactory or has failed to submit essays or exercises or to take tests or class examinations set by his/her Lecturers, may be denied the Certificate of Due performance and may be barred by SENATE from sitting any University Examinations.

A student who fails to honour the deadline set for handing in an assignment without justifiable causes(s) shall receive a score of zero or fail grade in that assignment.

A student who does not have coursework marks shall be denied Certificate of Due Performance and will not be allowed to sit the University Examinations.

It is, therefore, important that you attend at least 70% of all the prescribed lectures, classes and seminars, and submit coursework assignments.

Examination Malpractice

 Some students involve themselves in examination malpractices. You are strongly warned that cheating or attempting to cheat in University examinations shall lead to disqualification from the programme of study, dismissal from the University and/or prosecution (Details in the Examination Regulations of KyU)


 Any student found to have engaged in any form of examination malpractice or misconduct shall be suspended by the Vice Chancellor pending resolution of the case. Once suspended, such a student shall not pay any dues, participate in any University activity (including attending lectures, sitting examinations and participating in ITCSP), or residing in the University Halls of Residence (if a resident student).

 Re-application for Re-admission

 Fresh students who for some reason are unable to register by the time semester I examinations take place are advised to re-apply for admission in the subsequent academic year by following the same application procedure.

Registration on more than one Programme

Students are not allowed to register on more than one-degree programme at the same time. A student may only register for a second programme either at certificate or Diploma level.