Fees Structure & Mode of Payment                                                        

  1. The relevant fees are shown on the Fees Structure issued alongside your admission letter and also indicated in your student portal on the AMIS system. All students are expected to pay fees as prescribed for them on admission to the University irrespective of whether they are government-sponsored or privately sponsored.
  2. All fees should be paid to approved banks using reference numbers from the AMIS system and relevant banking slips. DO NOT PAY CASH TO A MEMBER OF STAFF OR ANY OTHER PERSON AT ALL TIMES.  BEWARE OF CONMEN AND CONWOMEN.
  3. Payment of all applicable fees is by cash or electronic transfer. Cheques are not accepted. Please ensure that your correct name, Registration Number and Student Number are clearly indicated in every transaction.
  4. The ITCSP Administration Fee is meant to cover administrative costs of managing the hands-on field practical training. No amount of these funds shall be reimbursed to students to cover their personal expenses.

Bank Accounts

All government-sponsored students are required to open personal bank accounts with any of the University approved banks immediately after registration. This information should then be communicated to the Dean of Students and respective Faculty/School Deans for payment of any due allowances. Each student should have his/her own separate account. Private students are also advised to open personal bank accounts to improve the management of their finances.

Refund of Fees       

A student, who has paid fees but withdraws from the University for one reason or the other, shall have his/her tuition fees refunded or forfeited in accordance with the University’s Fees Refund Guidelines.

  1. Only tuition fees shall be subject to refund guided by the criteria below.
  2. Functional fees are not refundable.
  3. Requests for refund of tuition fees shall be in writing to the University Bursar, through the Academic Registrar.

Period of time within which a student has withdrawn

Percentage of refundable Tuition fees

Before the end of the first week of a particular Semester


Before the end of 2nd week   


Before the end of 3rd week   


Before the end of the 4th week


Before the end of the 5th week   


From 6th week onwards



  • Refunds shall not be made to students unless they either sponsor themselves or have been authorized by their sponsors to receive the refund.
  • Refund of tuition fees shall not be made to discontinued or disqualified students.
  • A student who overpays shall not get any refund except where he/she has come to the end of his/her programme of study. Such overpaid funds shall be carried forward and credited to the student’s fees account.